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Thank you for enquiring about the Stellenbosch Institute of Photography and Multimedia Studies. Herewith more information about our available courses.
If you want to register as a full-time student then request the registration form at
If you need any other information you can contact Charl Best at 0824409199
We are looking forward to have you with us !
The Fulltime course will be for four months:
You will study Photography by doing the online photography course, starting on the date indicated. You will join the group every Wednesday for a practical group photography shoot and workshop. You will also attend a one day workshop each of the four months doing the complimentary subjects to photography, Video production and Photo and Tv. Make-up and Photoshop.       Commencing either February or July. From 11 February to 29 May  or 28 July – 14 November every year.

You will complete theory and practical assignments in the basics of these subjects.  You will learn more advanced specialized techniques that will prove the student a truly professional photographer. The student will attend weekly workshops in Landscape,- Fashion,-Theatre,– Documentary,- Advertising,- Food,-Industrial,- Wedding,-Wine and Packshot,- Commercial,- and Street photography.
Practical Projects each week:
You will also have to complete a thesis of every workshop attended and most workshops will have a theoretical lecture.
Your portfolio will consist of the above workshops and you will also work in a one hour lab for one week to gain practical experience of lab management.
Practical assignments group stock shoots for the rest of the week. Photo studio management and Portfolios.
At the end of the course you will be able to do commercial photography.


For more detail of each Subject, go to “subjects” on the Index page of

What make Sips famous?
Twenty three years of existence, our high standards in multimedia, Photography, Video production, Graphic design and Photo -and TV make-up, keeps us up to date with technology.
Charl Best, the founder and principal of SIPS., for the past 23 years will be your course leader. He has done 15 international photo exhibitions and still practice professional photography. His photos are published in newspapers and international magazines. Charl did scientific photography for WNNR.,worked for Media24 and Perskor as a photographer and studied art at US. He did documentary films, hundreds of weddings and business product video’s.
This course is practical and give more meaning to the saying “There’s never a dull moment”. The student gets the opportunity to experience hands – on corporate education in Photography and Multimedia. SIPS will expose you in all the different types of Photography, Commercial, Advertising, Scientific, Sport to name a few and many more.
At the end of your course you will have a high standard of Professional and a Portfolio in all the specialized subjects that is acceptable all over the world.
We spend 70% on practical and 30% theory. The theory is a breeze even for a student with concentration problems! Lots of group photo shoots outdoors and in the studio. Detailed planning, styling and make-up done by all the students in the class. Great fun and friends forever.

Previous students said…
• “I was so lucky to have been a student at SIPS. I am now employed as a producer at the number one stock photography company in the world. I can truly say that SIPS prepared me well for the career that I now have. ”
• “SIPS is the ultimate environment for prospective students who love photography, multimedia studies and aim to succeed. ”
• “After working in the corporate world I turned my hobby into a full-time living. I’m now the official photographer for the National Arts Festival and run a successful freelancing business from home. I have been published in top photography magazines and have won international awards. ”
• “Today I am one of the technically strongest and most creative photographers among my peers in the Eastern Cape. This is thanks to the solid foundation that I picked up from your tuition back in the day.”
•” My year at SIPS was a life changing experience! ”