Join in July Fulltime

If you want to register as a full-time student from July, Second Semester to join the existing fulltime students, then you have to complete our OnlineTraining Photography course first. Or prove that your knowledge of the basics of photography is sufficient.
Only from grade 10 qualification and no specific subject, is necessary to register.

 Course info Second Semester in Stellenbosch

1. Advanced Photography

Moving towards the second semester the student will learn more advanced specialized techniques that will prove the student a truly professional photographer. The student will attend weekly workshops in Landscape,- Fashion,-Theatre,– Documentary,- Advertising,- Food,-Industrial,- Wedding,-Wine and Packshot,- Commercial,- and Street photography.

Practical Projects each week:

You will also have to complete a thesis of every workshop attended and most workshops will have a theoretical lecture.
Your portfolio will consist of the above workshops and you will also work in a one hour lab for one week to gain practical experience of lab management.
Practical assignments group stock shoots for the rest of the week. Photo studio management and Portfolios

2.  Graphic Computers (optional)

Adobe illustrator is used for Graphic Design and we teach in depth all the tools to use to design a brochure, logo, letterhead and other corporate ID. for businesses.
Advanced Photoshop
Advanced Photoshop takes an in-depth look at the software and the advanced capabilities of the tools and functions inside of Photoshop. The aim of the course is to equip students with enough skill and knowledge to use Photoshop accurately and with absolute control. The Advanced Photoshop Course consists of 10 Sections and 10 practical assignments plus a Photoshop Portfolio Design assignment.
We teach WordPress and all the functions for you to be able to design top websites for businesses. At the end of the course you will also have your own website to advertise your skills.

The cost of the second semester course when you only join us from July to November and after you completed the basics in Photography is R 25 000.00. The second subject, Graphic Computers is optional and cost extra. You will also have to contribute towards materials, eg. model fees, books and entry fees, about R 5000. See the full time registration form which you can request by email.