Online Photography Course

Digital photography course by Online/Distance learning

By doing this course in the comfort of your own home, you will learn the important basic rules and tips to take brilliant and professional photos. Also to build up a portfolio and learn how to use digital photography.

Course material are three Dvd’s, and a textbook in pdf. format ( to email to you or on the Dvd) and projects that has to be completed and send back to us for evaluation. Students can enroll for 12 months and start any time of the year. There will always be a lecturer available for advice by phone or e-mail.

You will learn step – by – step

We will learn and demonstrate to you techniques that took pros to the top.
At the same time you will receive the first two projects that has to be handed in/ send back to us after completing the first section for evaluation.
Afterwards we will send you the second section with a summary of what we thought of the first projects. We also allow students that live near Stellenbosch to visit us for this evaluation. There will also be lecturers available throughout the course by e-mail or telephone if you need any help or have questions. You will be able to go through the course on a disciplined and easy pace. You have 12 months to complete the course.
Our previous student took about 11 months on average to complete the course. A theory exam are written at the end of the three sections at any educational institution near you home to receive your SIPS. certificate.
Sillabus- Distance training Photography Course

Section A

Intro to photography – Workings of the DSLR. Camera – Shutter speed, f-stop and depth of field [Assignment 1]

Section B

Films/Digital – Lighting – Available light – Flash – Filters – Lenses en Equipment [Assignment 2]

Section C

Color theory – Digital photography – Marketing and promotion – Composition – Portfolio [Assignment 3]


Course material:

  1. Three DVD’s
  2. Textbook in PDF format on DVD or to e-mail.
  3. Three projects and evaluations
  4. Lots of inspiration
  5. Exams and certificate

The end of the course do not mean we are done with you, you can still contact us with any questions or advise on photography and photographic gear. We will also invite you to workshops and overseas tours that we organize to Thailand, Greece and Turkey for new techniques. Also underwater and landscape photography. Also after completion of the distance training course you can join the full-time course in the second semester.

Course fee: R 8000.00. Including all the above materials.

Overseas students pay R 450.00 extra for the postage for the distance training videos. Your notes and video lectures will all be on the four DVDs. Verify prices by requesting email info.

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